Make money with your digital content.

Movement empowers personal trainers and dieticians to earn money by selling Workouts, Recipes, Exercise Plans and Diet Plans.

Seller Accounts

Thanks for becoming a seller with Movement! Our platform is easy to use and gives you the ability to make money from your recipes and tailored programs by accessing new clients all over the world that you wouldn’t usually be exposed to. Delivering such a sophisticated recipe, workout and planning platform is extremely difficult and resource intensive. Any money we receive from your hard work is poured straight back into app development to enhance your experience with new and exciting features. We’re not here to take your money, we’re here to work with you to create a fitter, healthier and more inspired world. Proudly Australian, we deal in Australian Dollars and will pay out with paypal in Australian Dollars, who will apply the current exchange rate for your native currency.

Explain the percentages

After we pay Apple their required fees (which they deserve, what an amazing distribution platform we have access to!), the bank fees on transactions and then the required Australian taxes, Movement is only left with around 2% of your account credits. We think that’s extremely fair, especially since we’re committed to improving the platform with any profits we do make. To reward long term users of our app, we’ve devised the following pay-out structure:

Pay-out Structure:

Any credits up to the value of AUD$49.99:
You receive 50% of your accounts credits.

Any credits between the value of AUD$50.00 and AUD$99.99
You receive 55% of your accounts credits.

Any credits over the value of AUD$100.00
You receive 60% of your accounts credits.

Pay-out Process:

We're still finalising the details of paying out your earnings via PayPal.


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