Interact with your favorite celebrity and sports professionals, and contribute to a worldwide database of fitness, food and motivational content. Grow your professional profile by connecting with friends and other users worldwide.


With the luxury of uploading recipes and diet plans, the stress of planning meals is no longer a worry! Statistically monitor your nutritional intake and work towards your target weight. Low fat? High protein? You’ll find it on Movement.


Trying to find an exercise program that’s right for you? Search a worldwide database of diverse programs until you find your match. Upload your own sessions or develop a program specially tailored to your level of fitness with a professional.


When you’re lacking the drive to keep you going, you’ll find your inspiration here. Share what inspires you as you work towards achieving your goals and be rewarded for helping others. We guarantee that you’ll be working harder than ever before, and feeling better for it.


Whether you choose to liaise with a professional or act alone, the ability to tailor an efficient diet and exercise plan has never been easier. Customize your programs and watch your progression over time as you move towards your ultimate objectives.


The Movement network allows professionals to greatly expand their client base and knows no boundaries. Removing all worldwide barriers, the click of a button will take your business offshore as you reap the rewards of your professional services. Earn a reputation with each interaction and show the world why you are the best there is!

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